East Coast Santa Fe Modelers
2014 Report
2014 Report

     East Coast Santa Fe Modelers

    The Santa Fe marks are licensed marks owned by the BNSF Railway Company


The 22nd East Coast Santa Fe Modelers Meet

May 2, 3, & 4, 2014 in Doylestown, PA

Student Center of Delaware Valley College


This year the ECSFMA were fortunate to have as our guests three well-known Santa Fe experts and modelers.  In addition to our regular white elephant tables and auction, Train Control Systems selected our meet to unveil their new, revolutionary “WOW” diesel sound decoders which is truly amazing in sound and prototype performance. TCS also demonstrated the latest innovations on their WOW steam decoders. TCS was the sponsor for this year’s meet.


During the regular meeting, we recognized the passing of Don Nice, a longtime friend and Santa Fe modeler. We established the Don Nice Memorial Award modeling contest starting next year. The Board will work out the contest details.


We, the ECSFMA, received licensed heralds from the BNSF (part of the above header) and with them, we have initiated an effort to obtain shirts utilizing the “square” herald.


    More to come on this effort    


This year we started our meet on Thursday night. This was a “spur of the moment” idea but one will try to plan for every year. We all met at a restaurant in Riverton New Jersey for dinner. After dinner we formed the Fast Mail and went to Bob Koury’s home to operate on his very extensive Southern Pacific Tehachapi railroad. Although Bob is principally an SP fan he shares our love in the Santa Fe and has been a faithful ECSFMA member for many years. He was somewhat upset when everyone only wanted to run his Santa Fe trains and not his extensive collection of Cab Forwards. Bob is a great modeler as is demonstrated by his scale model of the LA union Station. Still, everyone had a great time and it was a great way to start the weekend.


John Signor showed a slide show of “out-take” photos that didn’t make his book, the “Los Angeles Division”.  John shared his lessons learned in years of modeling, “the Southern California Railways from the Mountains to the Desert, to the Sea.” It was a great presentation. He also talked about general railroading and Santa Fe topics. We also got a “shameless” plug for the “Warbonnet” and a plea for articles (had copies of the Submission Guidelines); we loved it.

Bill Messecar
presented his clinic on how he modeled the Third District of the Los Angeles Division. This included both freight and passenger operations and photographs of his model of the Pre-Cooler structure in the B Yard in San Bernardino. His handout was full of information which supplemented the PowerPoint. His lessons learned were well taken. Bill also presented a clinic on the San Bernardino Local trains which operated between Los Angeles and San Bernardino, on both the 2nd Division and the 3rd Division. Of particular interest were the Postal-Baggage cars of the 2105 class. NKP who produced a car side kit in the past has offered to re-run the kit if they have enough pre-orders so let them know if you are interested.



Stuart Forsyth gave a presentation entitled Cajon at War: San Bernardino Bomb Plant and Rialto Backup Ammunition Storage Depot built during WW II. It was a good thing that Stuart didn’t bring any samples of those bombs. One really got an appreciation of the war effort by so many nameless heroes.

Stuart also introduced the LA Divisions Train Sheets on CD by the SFRH&MS Western Archives. He brought with him one month of Sheets from 1945 and 1946. He informs us that there will be additional Train Sheet sets on CDs in the near future but to have patience.


Our speakers have kindly given us permission to post their clinic handouts on our web site at http://www.ecsfm.org/. We are slowly building the content of this site so visit us when you can and check out what is new.


The Train Control Systems Crew sponsored the meet and joined us to introduce their new “WOW” diesel sound decoders. It is WOW!! This is in the Beta phase and should be released before the end of the year. Our group’s real world train engineers gave the TCS crew some very valuable feedback. It is going to be hard to wait, but we must. They also demonstrated the new Version 3 of the steam sound decoder which includes many new features. These WOW features were later demonstrated on Don Borden’s Cajon Pass layout.